Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pizza Dough/Pizza Sauce

Today, I decided to make pizza. One of the things that I like about making my own pizza is that I get to put everything I want and nothing that I don't want on it. Trader Joe's has three different varieties of Pizza dough, white, wheat, or garlic + Herb (I believe that's the official title). I always get the whole wheat, although I would like to try the herb dough (that I will too review!).
Well the wheat dough is really good, it has a great flavor. It has enough dough that I was able to make four personal pizzas out of it. The dough is pretty inexpensive too, although I can't seem to find how much I paid, I believe it was under two or three dollars. It's standard dough, it comes refrigerated so it is ready to use. If you don't plan on using it right then, put it in the freezer immediately and then let it defrost when you are ready. To make, I simply let the dough rise for 20 minutes, and rolled it out on a lightly floured surface (with, of course, TJs white wheat flour!) and I formed it into four mini pizzas.
I then added the above pictured pizza sauce. It's really good, and I used almost the whole jar for my four pizzas. It's easy to spread it on the dough, then add my choice of toppings. Today I used daiya and tons of veggies on two of them (with some TJs feta), and TJs meatless meatballs with veggies on the other two.
Once again, an easy meal made from TJs ingredients.

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