Friday, August 19, 2011

Chicken Sausage

Trader Joe's Chicken Sausage is the best because it is so easy and there are a bunch of varieties. My favorite thing is that they come pre-cooked. I bought some at Sprouts that had to be cooked and they were such a pain to tell if they were even completed cooking that I never ended up eating them. These are great. I just take them out of the package, slice them in some manner, and throw them into a frying pan with TJs pure olive oil and let them crisp up a little bit.
There are about six to eight different varieties. I have tried spicy italian (ok) and garden herb (ok) other than these two. The kind on the left, Mango, is a little strange. The ingredients made me think it would be great, but it ended up being pretty gross, IMHO. The Sweet Apple sausage is amazing! They have a little maple syrup inside, so they are slightly sweet. I add some peppers to the frying pan (TJs melange a trois - to be featured later!) and they quickly cook up. I roll them into a tortilla of some sort (TJs has a great assortment!) and I have a really easy dinner. I still need to try a pesto variety, which sounds pretty good! More news on that later....

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