Saturday, August 27, 2011

0% Greek Yogurt Vanilla

No this is not an illusion. There are seven containers of Trader Joe's yogurt in that top picture. Would you guess that I am a fan? Not a chance in the world....
Seriously, this stuff is so good! Greek yogurt is great because it is thicker and filled with protein. This one is great because it tastes good and a little sweet but without being overpowering. The container has two servings of yogurt, but I usually end up making it three servings (about five ounces each). It contains five ingredients and five cultures in it. (Wow that is a lot of fives). It actually only costs $2.79 which is a pretty good deal. I add it to fruit, both fresh and frozen as well as granola.
Oh and by the way, the reason for the seven containers is that I try to re-use containers; only one is full!

Sorry I missed posting yesterday! Hope you enjoy this food and continue to spread the word about the most informative Trader Joe's blog out there!

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