Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Soy Chorizo

Part 2 of 3 of an amazing breakfast!
Ok so I have never had pork chorizo because, well, I was raised Jewish so I tend to shy away from things made from pigs (well, except for pepperoni...) But this is so good! Super spicy, so much flavor and it's actually vegan.
So how did I turn this into an amazing breakfast? Ok, to begin with, I sprayed a frying pan with TJs canola oil spray. Next, I took the Melange a Trois trio of bell peppers and added it to the pan. I crumbled up some tofu and then I put some chorizo in a pan. I let it cook for a while until it was all hot and cooked  thoroughly.
I then added it to some TJs black beans I cooked in a pot on the stove
I plated all of this with some freshly toasted tortillas
Last but not least, I added.....wait.....wait....see my next post!

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